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  • AIKIOU Junior Interactive Feeder Brown/Green

    NZ $39.95 inc GST


    AiKiou Junior Interactive Feeder
    An original product from Aïkiou “IQ”, this feeder is more than a slow feeder

    The AiKiou Junior Interactive Feeder is one of the coolest slow feeders on the market. Not only does it slow the dog’s speed of ingestion, it is also a well designed game for dogs to search for their food. They have to dig inside the bowl in order to get access to the food hidden inside.
    After many years of success in the market with the Aikiou Paw Bowl Interactive feeder, we needed to respond to demand from customers who wanted a smaller version of this category winner. Made with the same quality material as its big brother, the Junior helps reduce ingestion speed while making eating more fun.

    With a rotating lid giving access to 6 different compartments, the dog needs to use his paws or nose to rotate and find his food. This replicates the natural digging experience.
    Treats can be inserted inside 4 different openings to block the lid from turning. This adds a second difficulty level. You can also use a tennis ball under this feeder to let it wobble on the floor for the ultimate challenge!
    Features and Benefits:

    •   Searching for food is natural
    •   It helps reduce ingestion speed
    •   Helps prevent bloating
    •   Slower ingestion helps with weight management
    •   BPA and BHT free (safe and non-toxic)
    •   Robust and long lasting proprietary material

    Available in 3 colours (green, pink, blue)
    Dimensions: (LxWxH) 24.8x25.4x7.0


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