• AIKIOU Treat Mouse Pink

    NZ $10.95 inc GST

    AiKiou Cat Treat Mouse

    What is the coolest cat toy you can make? A mouse. A mouse that can
    contain treats and food for your cat to play with and fetch.

    After studying cats’ natural behaviours, this little treat toy for cats was created from our proprietary TPR material (free of BPA and BHT) and has a feel that cats will definitively love. Its openings are made so you can easily put a treat or some food inside. Cats can then hunt this prey to get their food or treats. The treat mouse has a great feel that will appeal to cats and it bounces around like no other cat toy out there. Lots of fun and play!

    Features and benefits:
    •   Searching for food is natural
    •   Lets cats express predation
    •   Provides a healthy activity
    •   Slows down food ingestion
    •   BPA & BHT free (safe and non-toxic)
    •   Robust and long lasting proprietary material

    Available in 3 colours (blue, pink or violet)


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