AIKIOU Treat Mouse Pink

$10.95 NZD

Product Code: AIK-MSN-001-R

What is the coolest toy you can give your cat? A mouse. A mouse that can contain treats and food for your cat to play with!
After studying cats’ natural behaviours, this little treat toy for cats was created from a proprietary TPR material (free of BPA and BHT) and has a feel that cats will definitively love. Its openings are made so you can easily put a treat or some food inside. Cats can then hunt this prey to get their food or treats. The treat mouse has a great feel that will appeal to cats and it bounces around like no other cat toy out there. Lots of fun and play!

Features and benefits:

  • Searching for food is natural
  • Lets cats express predation
  • Provides a healthy activity
  • Slows down food ingestion
  • BPA & BHT free (safe and non-toxic)
  • Robust and long lasting proprietary material

Available in 3 colours (blue, pink or violet)


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