NOW FRESH Turkey, Salmon + Duck Puppy Recipe 5.4kg *SHORT-DATED 50% off*

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Packed full of tasty100% FRESH meats & fish and 20+ nutrient-rich superfoods, this delicious grain free NOW FRESH Puppy recipe provides young dogs with balanced protein & fat and minimally processed goodness to support their growth & development, with carefully controlled mineral levels for healthy bone growth.

Recommended for:

  • Puppies of all sizes

Available sizes: 5.4kg bag sizes


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  • What's Inside
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Fresh Poultry & Fish

Made with fresh de-boned turkey, salmon & duck for maximum flavour and nutritional quality.

Whole Eggs

A complete protein with all the essential amino acids dogs need in optimal amounts.


Nutrient-rich veggies & fruits to support immune function & good digestion.


Packed full of vitamins and minerals, and a source of dietary fibre and antioxidants.


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