NOW FRESH Turkey, Salmon + Duck Senior Recipe 1.4kg

$43.50 NZD

Product Code: NF2-0130

Made simply using 100% FRESH turkey, salmon & duck and nutrient-rich superfoods, this delicious grain free recipe for senior cats is minimally processed and perfectly balanced to help maintain a healthy weight and features pumpkin & probiotics to support good digestion, helping to keep them happy and healthy in their golden years. This recipe's lower fat content is ideal for senior cats who are less active and also usefui for weight management in cats of all ages.

Recommended for:

  • Senior Cats
  • Weight Management for all cats
  • Cats that need a lower fat content

Available sizes:
 in 1.4kg  bag size

Matching wet food:


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  • What's Inside
  • Nutritional information

Fresh Poultry & Fish

Made with fresh de-boned turkey, salmon & duck for maximum flavour and nutritional quality.

Whole Eggs

A complete protein with all the essential amino acids dogs need in optimal amounts.


Nutrient-rich veggies & fruits to support immune function & good digestion.

Coconut Oil

Contains medium-chain fatty acids that your dog can easily digest.


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