About Healthy Pet Foods


Healthy Pet Foods is a family-owned New Zealand business that imports and distributes premium, natural dog and cat foods that meet our specific criteria in terms of ingredients, processing and formulation.

We are committed to raising the awareness of good pet nutrition among pet owners through a comprehensive educational programme and to providing a trusted source of the highest quality dog and cat food, as well as other pet related products.

Our Passion

We came to this business from our own experience. Our first Newfoundland dog, Benson, suffered for years with ear problems and itchy feet – classic signs of food allergy. We always fed a premium dry dog food, but when we investigated what ingredients actually go into pet food we discovered that not all pet foods are created equal and many pets suffer allergic reactions to ingredients commonly found in commercial pet foods.

Our Newfoundland, Benson, was one of these dogs and we wanted him to have food made from the highest quality, all natural, wholesome ingredients.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading supplier of top quality all natural pet products in New Zealand, as well as a reliable source of educational information on pet nutrition, products and ingredients. Over time we have expanded our product line to include a range of quality foods and other pet care products, all of which meet our criteria of healthy and natural and only the best for our pets.

About our products

Healthy Pet Foods sources only dog and cat food products that are made from wholesome, natural, highly nutritious ingredients:

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