If your cat or dog is a picky eater; has dandruff or a dull coat; food allergies or sensitivities, is super active, needs a grain free food, GO! SOLUTIONS has a food to suit.

Nutritionist-formulated GO! SOLUTIONS dry and wet food recipes provide complete and balanced nutrition, with no growth hormones, by-products, or artificial preservatives, and are created especially for:

  • dogs or cats who “shouldn’t eat this” and “can’t eat that”;
  • to support pets who could benefit from healthy skin, a shiny coat and a new attitude; and,
  • for cats and dogs who just can’t get enough of those delicious, drool-worthy animal proteins.

GO! SOLUTIONS is made by Petcurean, an independent Canadian company that focuses solely on manufacturing the best quality pet foods. Find out more about Petcurean here.

GO! SOLUTIONS comes in dry and wet food recipes, grain free and whole grain recipes, in three ranges, to suit the needs of most pets:


  • 100% Grain Free
  • Packed with 'drool-worthy' animal proteins
  • Low carbohydrate
  • 70% to 87% of the protein comes from animal sources 
  • 6 to 11 premium quality fresh meats and meals 
  • Ideal for active dogs/cats
  • Useful for weight management


  • Suitable for all dogs/cats but particularly for:
    • Skin & coat issues
    • Sensitive stomachs
    • Food intolerance/sensitivities
  • Novel proteins 
  • Limited ingredient diets
  • Grain free & gluten free
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Ideal for protein rotation


  • General maintenance diet
  • Nutrient dense: feed less - less waste
  • Premium quality meat proteins 
  • Antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies
  • Healthy skin & shiny coat
  • Ideal for fussy eaters



Perfectly Balanced Recipes
Made Simply with 100% FRESH and deboned muscle meats & fish
and 20+ nutrient-rich superfoods

NOW FRESH™ dry and wet foods for dogs and cats are 100% grain free and gluten free.

By using only 100% fresh meats and oils and steaming slowly at low temperatures means that NOW FRESH is minimally processed to retain more nutrients and flavour. It is also a grain free diet formulated with moderate protein and fat levels. Most grain free dog foods are high protein & fat and not all dogs can utilise or need a high protein/fat diet. Being grain free and minimally processed means that NOW FRESH is as close to a raw diet as you can get in a kibble.

NOW FRESH is made by Petcurean, an independent, family-owned Canadian company that focuses solely on manufacturing the best quality pet foods.  Find out more about Petcurean here.

Discover the NOW FRESH recipes:  

All Breeds

  • 100% Grain Free & Gluten Free
  • 100% fresh turkey, salmon & duck
  • Wholesome berries, fruits and veggies
  • Uses Coconut oil
  • Minimally processed

Small Breed

  • 100% Grain Free & Gluten Free
  • Specially shaped kibble for little mouths
  • 100% fresh turkey, salmon & duck
  • Wholesome berries, fruits and veggies
  • Coconut oil
  • Added extras for dental health

Large Breed

  • 100% Grain Free & Gluten Free
  • Larger kibble for larger mouths
  • 100% fresh turkey, salmon & duck
  • Wholesome berries, fruits and veggies
  • Coconut oil & green lipped mussel
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin for joint health

Formulated by experts in pet nutrition, NUTRIPE™ is a premium quality canned dog food made in New Zealand from NZ green venison tripe.

Tripe offers a powerhouse of nutrients for your pet – an excellent quality protein source with an ideal calcium-phosphorous ratio of 1:1. The gastric juices and enzymes found in tripe aid digestion and allow dogs and cats to get all the benefits of their food. Digestive enzymes purify, cleanse the blood, and remove parasites, fungus and toxins while increasing metabolism and hormonal function. It also improves your pet's immune system. In addition to proteins and minerals, tripe is rich in fatty acids.

The NUTRIPE Pure range seeks to emulate the ancestral diet of dogs which consists primarily of meat and organs. NUTRIPE calls this the “Wild Nutrition Wet Diet”. In addition NUTRIPE Pure includes a blend of  Salmon oil, Green Lipped Mussels, Dried Kelp and Cranberries to suppport your pet's immune function, joints, digestive function, skin and coat, dental care, and cardiovascular function. 

Discover the NUTRIPE range for dogs:


    • 100% Grain Free
    • Made in NZ
    • Aids digestive health
    • Supports skin & coat
    • Complete balanced diet
    • Great for picky eaters
    • Available in 85g  BPA-free cans

AIKIOU (prononunced 'IQ') is a family-owned Canadian company that designs and manufactures high quality functional pet products - feeders and toys. 

AIKIOU works closely with veterinarians and animal behaviourists to design products that stimulate brain function, promote behavioural enrichment, help reduce weight, and ease digestive issues. In 2013,  AIKIOU received the prestigious Dr Marthy Becker award given out by veterinarians and their peers. 

AIKIOU products are made from human food grade materials and are free of BPA and BHT.

Discover the AIKIOU range for dogs and cats::

AIKIOU Feeders

  • Stimulates the brain

    More natural way of eating

  • Slows down feeding

    Aids digestive health

    Promotes weight management

    Made with human grade materials

    • No BHA or BHT


  • Toys that dispense treats and food

  • Robust fun toys to chase and fetch

    Made with safe materials

    • No BHA or BHT