What makes Petcurean and their premium-quality recipes different from the pack

A recipe made for each & every pet

Because a “one-for-all” philosophy just isn’t our style

We’re experts in crafting recipes designed to meet the needs of dogs and cats (and cats and dogs) of all different shapes, sizes, backgrounds and ages. If your pet wants the quick energy that comes from eating whole grains, great; we have a whole grain recipe they’ll love. If your cat or dog does better with a grain-free recipe, we’ve got those, too. High protein, moderate protein, limited ingredients, life-stages, different kibble shapes and sizes; we’ve got ‘em all. In fact, we are so committed to matching your pet with the perfect recipe, that we’ll help you find the food that’s right for your dog or cat, even if it isn’t our own.

We have a PhD in pet nutrition

Our own Senior Nutritionist has a rare & coveted PhD in the science of formulating amazing pet food

Putting it mildly, we’re kind of obsessed with pet nutrition. We truly “geek out” on finding just the right ingredients, in just the right combination. This is serious business here, and Dr. Jennifer Adolphe (our PhD) and her team come through with flying colours; one small piece of Petcurean kibble contains every ingredient; every protein, carb and fat source, vitamin and mineral your pet needs to sustain and nourish its life.

Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, Senior Nutritionist at Petcurean, graduated with a rare and coveted Ph.D. in companion animal nutrition from the University of Saskatchewan. She previously completed a master’s degree in human nutrition and is a registered dietitian with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia, and is the recipient of more than 20 awards and scholarships for her academic work.

Family owned & fiercely independent

With every decision we make, every recipe we create, we put pets first

We always have, since day one when two good friends started a little family operation in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada. They believed that pets deserved better. Today, being independent and privately owned, we can remain fiercely, single-mindedly devoted to pet nutrition, and nothing else. And with no shareholders to answer to, we are never asked to put profits before the health and well-being of pets.

And today, we have grown from that little family operation to be a trusted manufacturer of the highest quality pet food represented in over 30 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

Premium ingredients from a trusted network

We use the same care in selecting ingredients, as we do preparing meals for our own families

Every Petcurean recipe is created using the highest quality, healthiest and most flavourful ingredients available. These are selected through a trusted network of farmers, ranchers and producers, who must meet or exceed our very stringent health, safety and quality criteria. Because we put pets first, we don’t use by-product meals or un-named meat meals.

Proudly Canadian

We’re Canadian-owned, Canadian-operated and we’ve been around since 1999

There’s something about having our head office surrounded by some of the most fertile ranching and farming lands in Canada that inspires us to craft the very best pet food we possibly can. We use only premium-quality, market-fresh meats, veggies, fruits and berries. And we’re very proud to report that all of our recipes are conceived, created and formulated right here in Canada.

More than a bit obsessed

We’re pet people, pet owners, pet advocates and obsessed with pet nutrition

You should see us when we’re talking about what recipes we should be creating; the meats, veggies and fruits we should be including; which rancher, farmer or producer we’ll source from; what flavours we should be considering.

It’s not enough to create a new recipe for the sake of having a new recipe; our foods have to do better than that, our foods have to help pets stay healthy and happy. Yup. With every decision we make, every recipe we create, we put pets first. That’s what we’ve always done, here at Petcurean. And, that’s what we’ll always do.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Petcurean, we practice sustainability as it applies to pets (ours and yours, which we keep well nourished and cared for), people (our customers and our employees, who we keep happy, satisfied, valued and rewarded); and the planet (protected, however and whenever we possibly can). We do this in three ways: by producing responsibly, reducing consumption and empowering people.

Producing Responsibly

We have a responsibility to pets, to people and to the planet to create and produce our pet foods in the most sustainable manner possible.

Before selecting any new producer partners for our GO!, NOW FRESH, SPIKE and SUMMIT products, we review their sustainability programs. Those who adhere to responsible environmental and social practices will be chosen whenever possible.

Every partner we considered as a provider of ingredients for our GATHER recipes were required to meet our strict criteria for sustainability, based on five key pillars:

1.Following humane animal welfare practices

2.Protecting water supplies and limiting water use

3.Protecting farmer, rancher and producer livelihoods

4.Ensuring the preservation of natural resources

5.Actively working to preserve biodiversity

Those who survived our scrutiny and earned our confidence have joined us to become our secured sources and trusted partners. GATHER contains 100% certified organic whole chicken, peas, flaxseed, oatmeal and barley. 100% of our line-caught cod and krill is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council to be sustainably harvested. And of course, every ingredient in GATHER is NON-GMO.

We’re constantly looking for ways to conserve electrical and mechanical energy and to be environmentally conscious while we’re creating our recipes. Our new pet food oven uses less energy and produces less waste and dust. Our dryers are expending 15%-25% less energy and we’re saving on power consumption overall during production.

Because we make foods that are both nutrient-rich and high efficiency, you are able to feed your pet less, they absorb more nutrition, and there’s less poop to scoop, which means less poop going to landfills. Pet poop accounts for 4% of the municipal waste in San Francisco’s landfills; as much as all of the city’s disposable diapers. And every ounce of it produces methane, the greenhouse gas that’s 30% more powerful than carbon dioxide.

Reducing Consumption

Everyone at Petcurean makes a committed effort to minimize the waste they generate by reducing consumption, reusing materials, and recycling or composting.

We always remind ourselves to “Think before you Print”, and email documents whenever possible. When we have to print a document, double-sided and black and white is our go-to.

We only use only Forest Stewardship Council certified paper for printing and photocopying. FSC criteria require that forest businesses protect endangered species and forest areas of high conservation value; set aside a portion of land as forest reserve; provide workers with decent wages; and respect the rights of local communities. Paper with additional sustainability certifications, such as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Rainforest Alliance is used when possible.

We turn off lights in unoccupied rooms and have motion sensor lighting where it makes sense. We power off electronics when they’re not being used.

We create high-efficiency, high performance pet foods that use our planet’s food resources as responsibly as possible. In fact, one small piece of kibble contains every ingredient….the proteins, carbs and fats, the vitamins and minerals, your pet needs to sustain and nourish its life. Now, that’s efficient!

The packaging we use for our GO! canned foods is recyclable. Our NOW FRESH Tetra wet foods are sold in Tetra Paks. In addition to being 100% recyclable, Tetra Pak cartons are a highly sustainable option in that they are manufactured from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – certified paperboard made from 65% renewable materials, and they are more compact to ship, which means less impact on the environment.

We are always seeking options to make our dry pet food packaging environmentally friendly, while still maintaining product freshness and packaging durability.

We wanted to reduce the use of traditional polyethylene in our GATHER packaging, while still having a bag that was strong, durable and that preserved freshness. We researched and discovered that in the waste reduction hierarchy, the most important factor in packaging sustainability is reducing the amount of material used, followed by reusing material, and then recycling or composting. This is why we selected to use a plastic that is made from 30% plant-based material instead of petroleum-based plastic. This earth-friendly plastic is produced from sugarcane, a sustainably-produced and renewable raw material, as well as being a plant that is highly efficient in terms of water consumption and captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while it grows. Using bio-based plastic lets us reduce our use of petroleum-based resources by 30%; for every 16lb bag we make, we save a 4lb bag worth of petroleum-based material. “Reducing” is the first step in the “reduce, reuse and recycle” loop, and some say the most important step we can make for the environment.

We do source our dry pet food bags primarily from North America instead of overseas, which lowers our carbon footprint. Hey, every little bit helps!

Empowering People

Sustainability means doing everything we can as a company to keep our people happy, healthy and productive.

We reward our team members by compensating them well (and above the industry standard) for their innovative thinking, commitment and hard work.

We empower every one of our team members to take personal control whenever necessary in order to make sound decisions on behalf of Petcurean that will enhance and protect the health of our customers’ pets, and to put those pets first, always.

We support our people in their personal lives, through growth, changes and challenges. We encourage our team members to stay with us, by recognizing their particular strengths and abilities and guiding them up and along in their careers with us. Our employee retention is at 91% and we were recently honoured as one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers.

In our main office and elsewhere, we’ve all committed to telecommuting and carpooling whenever possible, and to explore other options such as public transit, biking or walking to work.

Practicing sustainability can seem like a big task, if you approach it as “perfecting sustainability”. But that’s not realistic for us, yet. But we will assure you that we’re doing our best and doing what we can, where we can and whenever we can, for the on-going good of pets, people and the planet.