What makes the NOW Fresh range of pet food unique?

NOW Fresh by Petcurean is a unique grain free food for dogs and cats. “Unique” by definition means “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else”. So how is NOW Fresh unique?

NOW Fresh is the only kibble on the market made with 100% fresh meat/fish and 100% fresh oils (no rendered ingredients e.g. meat meals, dehydrated meats or rendered fats like chicken fat). 

Rendered ingredients are processed (most often subjected to heat) and then when they are used to make the kibble they are processed for a second time.

The fresh meats/fish (turkey, salmon & duck) and oils (canola & coconut), along with a wide range of farm-fresh fruits & veges, used in NOW Fresh are only cooked once to make the kibble. Since NOW Fresh is steamed slowly at low temperatures, all the ingredients are very minimally processed, preserving more nutrients and flavour. Hence the use of the word “Fresh” in NOW Fresh. NOW Fresh is really the closest kibble you will get to a raw diet.

In addition, there are several other important features that help set NOW Fresh apart:

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