AIKIOU ThinKat Interactive Feeder White/Blue *ON SALE 30% OFF!*

$32.35 NZD

Product Code: AIK-CFL-WB

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The ThinKat is a cat interactive puzzle slow feeder that challenges every aspect of a cat’s natural instinct to search for food. The ThinKat interactive feeder can be used for behavioural enrichment or to help your cat eat at a slower speed. Eating slower reduces vomiting and also assists with weight management.

How does it work? The food is hidden inside the two flowers. Your cat will either push the kibble through the hole at the base of the flower then search for it under the leaves or use their paws to scoop the kibble out of the top of the flower. This feeder can be used with wet and dry food. 

This is the ultimate tool to get your cat healthy and active!

  • Searching for food is a more natural way for cats to eat  
  • It helps reduce ingestion speed  
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight


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