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AIKIOU Varsi Stick

An original product from Aïkiou “IQ”, the Varsi stick is perfect for dogs who like to run and fetch.

Not only does it float, the handle helps to you to grab it when your dog gets it back and it gives enough grip so you can play tug of war with your dog. It also bounces like no other and is made of a tough but flexible TPR material. You can loop two of them together to enhance the game and have your dog try to unwrap them or it can be used with the AiKiou Drum ball to make a more interesting and fun toy.

At AiKiou, as well as  designing products that dogs love, their main concern is dogs’ health and safety so they only use a food safe TPR material that is both strong and soft and that has NO BPA and BHT. This soft material can be punctured but has a big shear rate so it’s really hard to rip apart even if your dog can get through the material. Your dog will enjoy the feeling of this material and will be on for hours of playing.

Features and benefits:

  • Made from food safe TPR – a robust and long-lasting proprietary material  
  • Floats on water for added fun  
  • Optimised shape for throwing  
  • BPA & BHT free (safe and non-toxic)

Available in 2 colours ( pink, blue )Dimensions: (LxWxH) 8.1x7.6x33.8

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