NOW FRESH Turkey, Salmon + Duck Large Breed Adult Recipe 11.4kg

Product Code: NF1-0475

With large ridged kibble to help slow chewing, this tasty recipe for large breed dogs offers moderate protein & fat to help maintain a healthy weight, plus controlled minerals and added glucosamine & chondroitin for hip and joint support.

We all know that with large dogs, come large appetites. That’s why our perfectly balanced NOW FRESH recipes have been carefully crafted using fresh meats & fish and nutrient-rich superfoods to provide delicious, minimally processed nutrition to help your large breed dog thrive.

Recommended for:

  • Adult dogs
  • Large breed dogs
  • Dogs of all sizes who prefer a large kibble

Available sizes: in 11.34kg bag size


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  • What's Inside
  • Nutritional information

Fresh Poultry & Fish

Made with fresh de-boned turkey, salmon & duck for maximum flavour and nutritional quality.

Whole Eggs

A complete protein with all the essential amino acids dogs need in optimal amounts.

New Zealand Green Mussel

A source of chondroitin which supports hip & joint health, and healthy mobility.


Nutrient-rich veggies & fruits to support immune function & good digestion.


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