NOW FRESH Turkey, Salmon + Duck Senior Recipe 5.4kg

Product Code: NF1-0445

Crafted by expert pet nutritionists with 100% FRESH turkey, salmon & duck and 20+ nutrient-rich supefoods, this delicious grain free recipe for senior dogs helps maintain hip, joint & heart health, with moderate protein & fat to help support a healthy weight in their golden years. With a lower fat content, this recipe is also great ideal for dogs of all ages that need to manage their weight.


Recommended for:

  • Senior dogs
  • Dogs of all sizes
  • Weight management for dogs of all ages

Available sizes: 5.4kg and 10kg bag sizes


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  • What's Inside
  • Nutritional information

Fresh Poultry & Fish

Made with fresh de-boned turkey, salmon & duck for maximum flavour and nutritional quality.

Whole Eggs

A complete protein with all the essential amino acids dogs need in optimal amounts.

New Zealand Green Mussel

A source of chondroitin which supports hip & joint health, and healthy mobility.


Nutrient-rich veggies & fruits to support immune function & good digestion.


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