NUTRIPE PURE Green Tripe Dog Food - Gum Free 24 x 185g

$117.60 NZD

Product Code: NUT3770


With more than 92% animal protein ingredients, NUTRIPE PURE Green Tripe dog food is formulated using premium quality free-range green venison tripe and nutrient-rich organs, along with nutrient rich goat's milk and a proprietary blend of Cranberries, Green-Lipped Mussels and Dried Kelp for added health benefits.

This grain free, limited ingredient dog food is ideal as a treat, a topper or a complete and balanced meal.

Packed with digestive enzymes, tripe is an excellent quality protein source that aids with digestion, is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin & coat, and supports your dog's immune system. Suitable for all dogs and particularly useful for those that suffer with digestive issues.


Recommended for:

  • Dogs of all sizes and all ages - Puppy, Adult & Senior
  • Fussy eaters
  • Dogs with digestive issues

Feed as a treat, a topper or a complete and balanced meal.

Available in 182g cans - tray of 24

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Free range Venison

Green Tripe is an excellent protein source that is packed with digestive enzymes and omega-3 fatty acids.

Green lipped mussel

A source of chondroitin which supports hip & joint health, and healthy mobility.


Antioxidant-rich cranberries help support immune system function and urinary tract health.

Dried kelp

Rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins to support the immune system.

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Margaret said: 14 Jul '22

Jasper, 18 month old English Springer Spaniel and Digby, 5 month old Jack Russell really enjoy this product. I was sceptical at first as they have never had anything like this. Now I alternate with GO! Solutions Shredded Chicken and have two healthy, happy puppies - and a very happy mum! Thank you

Ross said: 20 Jun '22

Charlie our 3 year old Labradoodle loves his Nutripe. He gets a can at breakfast and another for dinner with a dentastick to follow. The vet says that he is a great weight and has great clean teeth.The output it shows that it agrees with his tummy. After trying a few different foods this is the one that works for him and us.