Is it time you changed your pet’s bowl?

Aside from selecting the best and most suitable food for your pet, the next most important thing to consider is how you are feeding your pet.
Dogs are natural scavengers and love to bury their precious finds for a later feast. As natural hunters, cats love to seek out and chase prey and are well known for playing with their victims! Sitting or standing still in front of an open bowl to eat (and sometimes scoff!) their food is far from natural for our pets.

Changing your pet’s bowl to an interactive feeder, while providing a more natural way for them to eat, also has a lot of other benefits. Interactive feeders help stimulate your pet mentallyslow down their eating (great for overweight pets and to prevent bloat or regurgitation), makes eating a more fun experience and can help with behavioural problems.

Weight management

Pet obesity is a growing issue (excuse the pun!) and we as pet parents need to take responsibility for managing our pets’ weight to avoid unnecessary health problems. Slowing down your pet’s rate of ingestion helps your pet feel fuller for longer.Studies have shown that interactive feeders can help overweight pets to lose up to 20% of their weight over 12 months.

Speed Gobbler

Does your dog inhale its food? Does your cat gobble its food then promptly regurgitate it back up? Forcing your pet to forage for its food through using an interactive or puzzle feeder will greatly slow down its eating and reduce the chances of regurgitation or stomach upset caused by eating its food too fast.

A Healthy Mind

Food puzzles or interactive feeders requiring interaction to gain reward help to stimulate the mind and provide a mental challenge. This is particularly useful as more pets stay at home alone for hours during the day.

Preventing bloat

Some dog breeds, especially large dogs with deep chests, are susceptible to stomach torsion and bloat which can be fatal. Slowing down your dog’s rate of ingestion by using an interactive feeder can greatly assist with preventing this life-threatening condition.

Behavioural Issues

Most behaviourists agree that many behaviour problems in both dogs and cats stem from boredom, frustration and stress. Leaving food or treats in an interactive feeder can help mitigate these behavioural issues.

Make Eating More Fun!

An interactive feeder can be great for dogs that enjoy a bit of a challenge at mealtime. You can add their food and perhaps hide a low-calorie treat in a hard-to-reach area of the feeder to make mealtime more fun. Above all using an interactive feeder provides your dog with an opportunity to search and dig for its food as it would do naturally and for your cat to forage and play with its food, as is more natural.