"They can't get enough of it!"

Hi there, both our dogs love the NOW Fresh!! They can’t get enough of it we have a 6 month old Rottweiler named Bandit and a 1.5 year old tea cup Pomeranian named Bailey.

Where do I start?

Both Bailey and Bandit were eating Science Diet previously... They were doing alright. Bailey has had numerous problems with feeding: she was either being super fussy struggling to get the energy that she needed along or was throwing up almost everything she ate. Be it mince, wet food, milk and the Science Diet range referred to us by our vets.

We tried Science Diet Toy Breed Puppy food, Sensitive and Toy Breed Adult. She would refuse to eat it, occasionally nibbling on a biscuit or two but genuinely starve herself for days on end and was really lethargic.

Bandit has not had problems like Bailey, but was not over keen on the food. I was concerned that if the food was not good enough for Bailey – a Pomeranian that would fit on the palm of your hand – then how could Science Diet support what my Rottweiler would require for healthy growth. So while they were both on Science Diet I decided to start investigating dog food and found that it appeared that most of the dog foods on the market were the same rubbish plus some vitamins.

Now, if humans can’t replace a healthy diet with Centrum etc. why should our furry friends replace a healthy diet with grain and vitamins?

Then I heard about NOW Fresh on the radio so decided to do some research and track some samples down.

Bandit loved the sample and so we went and tracked down the big bag of NOW Fresh Large Breed Puppy from Nose To Tail in Albany and now both Bailey and Bandit are on that. Both dogs have had significant improvement in their coats, energy levels and general well-being. Bailey is a new dog: full of beans, fluffy, soft, playful and eating like a little piglet. And best of all no vomiting her food up. Bandit is thriving on the NOW Fresh: he is loving meal times and scoffing it all up along with a much shinier black coat and loads of energy.

We rate NOW Fresh with a 10/10 score and are currently on our 2nd 11.34kg bag. Thank you so much for your help with the sample and stockist list!! Please keep NOW Fresh coming to NZ!

Daniel Carter

Bailey & Bandit's Testimonial
Bailey & Bandit's Testimonial

"15 years old and doing great!"

I thought you might be interested in photos of Blaine, Ch Blainefield of Gartferry. He is now 15 years old, still enjoying life, even though he has slowed down and got a bit of arthritis in his front leg. He really enjoys playing with Keilah his gg niece, I think it keeps him young.

I think he is doing great, and has been fed on GO! Sensitivity + Shine.


Gartferry Cairns

Blaine's testimonial
Blaine's testimonial


I am writing to you today to say thank you for making a wonderful healthy dog food.

I received a sample of your new NOW Fresh Small Breed dog food. I have tried about 6 different brands and my Shih Tzu, Charlie, would not eat them unless I added something to them. I opened the NOW Fresh and he finished all the food in his bowl - and was looking for more! He now can't wait until his next meal.

Thank you so much for making myself and Charlie happy!

Charlie's Testimonial
Charlie's Testimonial

"GO! Duck for Connor + GO! Chicken for Abbie!"

Connor is 10 years old now and has had a very hard time finding a food that he didn't throw up. When Rach at Henderson Vets started stocking the GO! Sensitivity + Shine Duck dog food we jumped at the chance to try it. As Connor is allergic to chicken and beef we were finding it hard to find something he could digest. He is thriving on the GO! Duck and has put weight on and for first time in years his coat is soft and full. He has suffered with dry flaky skin and rough coat nearly all his life.

Abbie is three years this month and has a very hard time finding a diet that would maintain her weight until Brett and Rach at Henderson Vets suggested the GO! Daily Defence Chicken dog food and we found a winner. She has energy and a wonderful coat and her attention span which was flighty at best has improved to the point that I thought I better work her to stop the darling being bored!

Jo, Auckland


Connor + Abbie's Testimonial
Connor + Abbie's Testimonial

"I cannot express how much it means to have a moderate protein, moderate fat food!"

Thanks so much for providing a safe, quality, moderate protein, grain free dog kibble. I've done extensive research on dog food and truly mean it when I say that your kibble is #1 to both me and my Lab. It's like no other. The kibble is big enough that Cooper can chew it rather than choke on it (he hates the itty bitty kibbles). And Cooper hasn't once turned up his nose to a bowl of NOW Fresh - an issue we had with a variety of other kibbles for the first 4 years of his life.

I cannot express how much it means to me to have a moderate protein, grain free kibble for my Lab. Don't change a thing - I love what you keep OUT of your kibble and my Cooper Dawg loves what you keep IN the kibble. The label is easy to read and so is your website. Thank you!




Cooper's Testimonial
Cooper's Testimonial

"NZ's oldest dog? She's a GO! dog!"

My name is Daisy Louise, I am a Schnauzer mixed breed “whose mother played up...”!
I was born in February 1992, in Henderson, West Auckland and have had an amazing life. I have lived in Australia, starred in music videos and have been in the newspaper too! Check it out here.
At almost 23 years old, I may be NZ’s oldest dog!
When Daddy learnt about my food having to be grain free he tried heaps of different ones until he found GO! Now I always have 2 small bags in the car in case we meet up with friends, are running late home or I get the munchies, which is all the time. Dad says I have no teeth and breath like a horse (I wonder how he knows). I do have teeth, just not that many so I have trouble chewing.
I steal the cat’s food which is also GO! The vet says that’s not good for me and to stop it but I am deaf “CANT HEAR YOU, BRETT!”
Today I went there to the vet and found out some changes are happening to my voice box, I can’t bark no more but a good yelp tells Daddy its GO! time.
We have been struggling to find a good canned food or one that I will eat - I am so fussy - so I am looking forward to trying the GO! canned food.
When Daddy is asked how come I have lived so long, he says it is because I eat good food!

Daisy Louise xx


Daisy Louise's Testimonial
Daisy Louise's Testimonial

"Not every dog suits a raw diet"

Firstly, let me explain that I was a "raw" feeder of our dogs for over 20 years. During this time we have had 3 English Springer Spaniels, the first two dogs had no problems with the "raw" diet. Our current boy, Flynn was just over 2 years old when he very suddenly developed quite severe digestive problems, upset stomach and diarrhea (to the stage it was bloody).

Convinced Flynn was somehow eating "bad" things (we live on a small block) I put him on a bland diet of boiled chicken, rice and pumpkin... the problem would settle and then reoccur within a few days.

It got to the stage I was very concerned and took him to our Vet. He was immediately diagnosed with "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" and GO! SOLUTIONS SENSITIVITIES Duck was recommended to combat the problem.

The improvement was immediate, within 24 hours of his first GO! meal Flynn's digestion was back to completely normal. He also LOVES his GO! so much that I use it for treats and as bait when we are in the Show Ring.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough to anyone who has a dog with digestive problems... Flynn is living proof it works.

"Not every dog suits the raw diet."

PS .. I forgot to mention his coat... so, so shiny !!

Karen,  Auckland 

Flynn's Testimonial
Flynn's Testimonial

"Folly overcame food intolerance on GO! and NOW Fresh"

My young rescue dog Folly had a terrible worm burden as a puppy and as such has had problems with food tolerance. I am extremely fussy about what my dogs are fed, and as she is unable to tolerate raw feeding, I needed to find a kibble that was top of the range. She has done extremely well on several of the GO! and NOW Fresh products and I highly recommend them.

Emily, Auckland

Folly's Testimonial
Folly's Testimonial

"Best choice for us!"

Having a dog with skin troubles we searched for a brand with no preservatives and cheap fillers. When we came across GO! and NOW Fresh foods we checked out the NOW Fresh Large Breed recipes and really liked the analysis. For our breed and the rapid growth over the first year the fat/calcium/phosphorus and protein levels should be just right and finding a grain free one that first ingredient wasn't something-meal sounded even better.

We decided to try it - skin troubles in our cattle dog disappeared in weeks and has never returned. Our puppies are weaned onto NOW Fresh Large Breed Puppy food, loving the taste and it makes our job easier cleaning up their messes. I was complimented on my girls coat at a show recently the judge was taken by how soft and silky it was, I put that down to the food she eats.

Heidi, Vadi Anatolians


Heidi's Testimonial
Heidi's Testimonial

"Amazing improvement on GO! Limited Ingredient Venison!"


Our beautiful girl Isis has been on steroids for a large portion of her life, we have tried creams, shampoos and various drugs to try and get her skin condition under control. Isis was covered head to toe in a horrible rash like eczema that caused her to scratch and rub herself till she bled. She would flap her ears so hard that they would balloon up and would need to be drained by the vet. She would chew at her paws till she had no fur left, she has to wear a jumper all the time just to keep warm cause her fur doesn't grow on her tummy because of the rubbing.

We had her on a sensitive skin diet from another company with no results if anything she looked worse. We went to our local pet shop Nichols in Cromwell and spoke to Jo who has known Isis for a long time and has known her story and the steroids and the creams, she suggested GO!. We thought that at this stage we will try anything, we got a small bag to start with and have had her on it for the last 5 weeks.

Her skin has made an amazing improvement to the point that she is not flapping as much and not scratching nearly as much. She is finally growing fur on her chest and belly which we have not seen since she was a pup. And NO MORE STEROIDS!!!! This is an amazing product we can't believe how different Isis is, she is a happy dog again. No more itching no more bleeding. Thank you so much for discovering such an amazing product! 


Isis' story
Isis' story

"Jessie loves NOW Fresh and what a change in her coat!!"

Since 4th of July my vet has put my dog Jessie on NOW Fresh Grain Free Small Breed and boy does Jessie love it! I am not kidding the food is gone within 5 minutes - she used to be a picky eater. She is so happy and looks forward to her meal times.

Also her coat has gone really soft and like silk when stroking her! Her coat was dry and had dandruff flakes when I brushed and combed her now none at all - it is so soft now. I didn't expect any coat changes for four weeks but oh already (after two weeks) her coat is so much nicer and softer! Also very minimal itching on it, occasional pink ears but not like it used to be!

Janine, Wellington


Jessie's Testimonial
Jessie's Testimonial

"No more reflux on GO!"

Just to let you know, I used part of the bag I got from you at NorWest as treats to test out whether the boys like them. 100% LOVED them.

My agility dog, Luke, has been having big issues with reflux-type reactions. I stopped the roll I have been using and changed to actual meat. This made a little difference. After a few days on the GO! Fit + Free Adult dog food, he is back to normal. I had been giving him some homeopathic remedies, and have been able to stop them.

I will be switching all the boys onto the GO! Fit + Free as soon as my old bag is finished!

Kathryn, Tuakau


Luke's Testimonial
Luke's Testimonial

"NOW Fresh Grain Free has already made a big difference!"

Meet Mac, a 13 year old West Highland Terrier, who I took in when his elderly owner could no longer look after him. Kath at Nose To Tail dog wash in Albany had been helping to find a new home for Mac. I couldn’t resist and Mac joined my family. At the time he was a very sad-looking old man who just plodded along. He had the most awful skin condition – large patches of scaley, hard scabs, bald spots and where there was fur, greasy and stringy looking coat. He was also overweight.

I decided that getting Mac into tiptop shape was going to be my new project. I immediately put Mac onto the NOW Fresh Senior + Weight Management formula, both to get him onto a grain free diet (to see if that would help his skin condition) and to help him lose some weight.
It’s only been a month, but Mac’s health has rapidly improved. He has increased energy levels and now has a spring in his step. His skin and coat are almost back to normal. There are still a couple of bare patches but the improvement in just a few short weeks is phenomenal. And Mac’s waistline has shrunk by almost 4cm!
Amanda, Auckland


Mac's Testimonial
Mac's Testimonial

"Thank you for supplying a healthy food for our dog!"

We have had dogs for 30 years and been involved with guide dogs for many years. Diet has always been high on our list of priorities – both for our dogs and for our family. Our dog Manu is now 18 months old and is by far our healthiest looking dog, he is strong, never sick, perfect weight and a very shiny coat.

He was started on GO! dog food at 7 weeks old and will remain on that for life. Thank you for supplying a healthy food for our dog.


Carina, Auckland


Manu's Testimonial
Manu's Testimonial

"I like to feed her only the best and it certainly shows!"

Millie (aka Fatty Bulldog) just loves the products that I buy from this site – NUTRIPE Beef + Green Lamb Tripe and NUTRIPE Salmon + Green Lamb Tripe dog foods.

She’s a very spoiled little Bullie but I like to feed her only the best and it certainly shows in her coat, her beautiful disposition, not to mention her liveliness! Millie is 6 months old now and thriving on her tucker!

I’d also like to congratulate the company on the amazing delivery... it arrives the following day which is unheard of up here in the Waitakere Ranges. Many thanks for such wonderful service.

Gail, Auckland


Millie's Testimonial
Millie's Testimonial

"NUTRIPE gives us peace of mind that he has all the nutrients he needs!"

Milo is our 3 year old toy Cavoodle. Unfortunately he developed IBD a year ago following a severe bout of gastroenteritis and colitis (our vet suspected it may have been some caused by raw food going off one hot summer). Since then he has had an extremely icky stomach and even the most natural, grain free, and sensitive dry kibble results in mucusy bloody stools.

Our vet recommended boiled plain chicken, which we have been preparing for the little guy for the past 4 months. While he does seem to tolerate plain chicken really well, we became concerned that he was missing many of the vital nutrients usually found in pet foods, all of which he could no longer tolerate.

Our vet then recommend NUTRIPE Lamb + Green Lamb Tripe Dog Food, and since we had nothing left to lose we decided to give it a go. To our delight and his (he got pretty sick of chicken) not only did Milo love the stuff (he would push the plain chicken out of the bowl to get at the NUTRIPE!) but he did not have runny poo afterwards. So then we asked the lovely people at Healthy Pet Foods for a sample of the NUTRIPE Green Lamb Tripe, since we wanted to increase his intake of tripe as that has been thought to improve IBD. They sent us a sample and he really liked that as well!

The latest recipe we are trying is the NUTRIPE Venison + Green Lamb Tripe which we have heard is also low allergenic compared to beef, and so far so good - he loves that too! So now we can feed him on at least three different varieties of NUTRIPE, which he is very pleased about. We still bulk boil some plain chicken and have now been able to introduce boiled giblets to his diet, but the NUTRIPE remains far more convenient then cooking our own pet food, and gives us peace of mind that he has all the nutrients he needs.

Mike, Auckland

Milo's Testimonial
Milo's Testimonial

"Wow, what a difference GO! has made to Mindy!"


Poor little Mindy had skin issues for quite some time. Firstly we were told it was an allergy to fleas, then to grass, then to food. As we know its often hard to find the root cause of issues like this.

In the end (circa 2 years of trying everything and anything) we found that she responded best to steroid based medication. By this stage though the poor thing had little to no fur and was still taking a long time to get back to any form of her old self.

We were then introduced to the GO! brand, and in particular the Salmon one. Wow, what a difference! In only a short few weeks we started to get Mindy back. New fur started to grow, she finally started to gain weight. But the best part was that she finally started to play again with our other dog like she used to. Since that day we have stuck to the GO! brand. We change up the flavours now but its done wonders for our little pup and we couldn't be happier.


Mindy's Testimonial
Mindy's Testimonial

"Search and Rescue dog finds relief with GO!"

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the GO! Sensitivity + Shine Salmon that you recommended for Neo, one of our search + rescue dogs. Neo has had terrible stinky skin, continuous foot/grass allergies and now is onto having continuous ear infections. He needs to put on weight - has always been a skinny working dog.

After only 3 days of being on the GO! food his coat no longer looked or felt greasy. Even my husband said that he thought Neo had about 50% more energy too.
Have to also say, that after using the food for a week now, Neo's feet are no longer red and irritated. Normally he would have been back on homeopathic remedy for his feet allergy this past week (previously it has been week on, week off the remedy), but he hasn't needed it and there is no sign of needing to use it in the near future.
Tania, Auckland


Neo's Testimonial
Neo's Testimonial

"Her ear infection has gone!!"

I was in contact with you last November about our German Shepherd Oki. She had chronic ear infections, which led to surgery to remove her inner right ear. We were fighting to save her left ear when I contacted you.

The great news is, her ear infection has gone!! We can’t believe it - after many expensive vet visits and daily treatment with her crying and shaking her head in pain when we touched around her ear. We are now convinced it was due to food allergies and have told many people that your help and the GO! Sensitivity + Shine range has made all the difference for her. We are so happy and Oki is too! Thank you so much. On your advice we stopped all treats (this was hard!) and only give her a spoonful of canned salmon on top of her dry food each meal. She loves it!



Oki's Testimonial
Oki's Testimonial

"Great success with GO! Salmon"

Ollie and Tyler have been eating GO! Sensitivity + Shine Salmon dog food as their main diet for the last 3 years. Ollie has always had problems with his skin and allergies which has resulted in constant ear infections and eye ulcers. Our previous vet had him tested for all sorts of eye/ear problems with no avail to the cause of these reactions. Not to mention a lot of expense!

We changed vets for a second opinion and Liza from Holistic Vets said that diet could be a major factor. She recommended trying GO! and we have never looked back. Both Ollie and Tyler are on the GO! Sensitivity + Shine Salmon recipe. With great success we are convinced his problems were diet related and we are so happy to have the option to feed him a great diet with everything that he needs. After 3 years of eating the diet they still love it.
It is my pleasure to recommend this food, our dogs love it and we are so happy!

Melissa, Tauranga


Ollie & Tyler's Testimonial
Ollie & Tyler's Testimonial

"We tried NuTripe and she started eating happily."

My little Cocker Spaniel Pepper started off being really fussy with her food. She was then diagnosed with an irritable bowel. It was suggested that she move to a high protein diet. We tried NuTripe and she started eating happily – what a relief! Healthy Pet Foods stock a good range of this type of diet including NuTripe which is great. What is better is their excellent service. Kelly does a wonderful job at assisting with supply. Thanks guys - keep the good food coming!


Pepper's Testimonial
Pepper's Testimonial

"New lease on life!"

I just have to tell you what a difference your food has made to our 13 year old Shih Tzu, Putty.

Being older he was lying around and sleeping most of the day. After 4 weeks on your food, he is a different dog! He wants to play and go for walks again – it’s just amazing! Thank you so much!

Lissa, Auckland

Putty's Testimonial
Putty's Testimonial

"I totally recommend NOW Fresh!"

I have a fussy whippet, Regan, who can go off his food with in days or weeks, which then leads to weight loss and this is not a good look on this breed. I also worry for his health in the long term when he won't eat his food and how does this affect him? Since trying him on NOW Fresh Small Breed dog food, he eats every bite and has continued to do so for the past few months. And another bonus which I didn't expect is that he no longer has terrible gas. I totally recommend NOW Fresh.

Jenn, Christchurch


Regan's Testimonial
Regan's Testimonial

"He's in excellent condition and best of all he really likes it!"

Our 3 year old Hungarian Viszla, RJ, has been having the GO! Daily Defence Chicken dog food for the last year. He's quite a fussy eater and red meat based products really didn't agree with him! Since starting on this product he's now in excellent condition and best of all he really likes it. Great product, thanks!



RJ's Testimonial
RJ's Testimonial

"NOW Fresh had everything in it and more!"

I rescued my Rough Collie, Romy two years ago and the previous owners only feed him once a day on chicken frames and cheap dog roll from the supermarket. He was going to the toilet at least 10 times a day!

I tired numerous types of food, beef and chicken - it didn't agree with him and went right through him, which lead to diarrhoea. I never considered that it may be the grains in the food that maybe causing the sensitive stomach.

I was looking for a fresh, healthy food that covered everything from healthy joints to increased immunity with probiotics, with no byproducts or artificial preservatives.

I did a lot of research on the Web and only looked at the 5 star rating dog food. NOW Fresh was one of these 5 star food - and they offered free samples.

NOW Fresh had everything in it that I was looking for and more! Including zero grains.

My dog absolutely loved the food, gone in a flash. He now doesn't have diarrhoea and doesn't go to the toilet 10 times a day.

My dog had a rough start to his life from the previous owners and missed out on a lot of nutrients, vitamins etc. So I'm hoping I can try to reverse this by only giving him the best food that's out there. He's my 4 legged family member and he only deserves the best.

Liz, Hamilton


Romy's Testimonial
Romy's Testimonial

"NOW Fresh Senior has helped her pancreatitis and IBD"


Healthy Pet Foods has been very kind and helpful in maintaining the health of our 7 year old Boxer Stanzi. In her first 18 months she was diagnosed with Pancreatitis and IBD. After she became very unwell (unable to tolerate all the vet prescribed diets), I felt her symptoms could be related to her prescribed diet. I decided to try the Now Fresh Grain Free Senior dog food which has a low fat content and minimal allergens. She recovered within the first few days, and has been feeling well for almost 5 years. Thanks so much for your support and interest in keeping her balanced and healthy.



Stanzi's testimonial
Stanzi's testimonial

"Smoother coat and more energetic"

Sylvia, being a husky, is a VERY fussy eater and easily gets sick of the same food very quickly (previously had to change her food about twice a week).

She very quickly got very fond of the Go! Fit + Free Chicken, Turkey and Trout dry food which I mix with her standard wet food .

I find that her coat is a lot smoother, she is more energetic (not always a good thing haha!) and her excretions a lot more bearable which helps on the runs/long walks we go for.

Thanks once again for introducing my fur babies and I to the GO! range of grain free dried foods, it’s such a relief knowing they are eating healthier and actually enjoy it!

Attached a pic of Sylvia with her latest bag of dried food, she barely could wait in anticipation she was so excited!

Kind regards, Nick


Sylvia's testimonial
Sylvia's testimonial

"I cannot believe the difference in him!"


This is my much-loved Miniature Poodle, Ted.

Ted is 3 years old, and in the New Year, he became unwell. His mornings in particular were not good as he woke full of gas and - I now know - in pain. After spending 3 months visiting his conventional vet, spending over $600 on tests trying to find out what was wrong; I decided to take him to Holistic Vets in Tauranga. One visit and they hit the nail on the head and I then knew he was suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We came home with a couple of tins of NuTripe Classic Venison Viscera & Green Tripe formula dog food to give him following a brief period of boiled rice and boiled chicken, recommended to settle his tummy for a few days. He LOVED the NuTripe product once switched over to it, and now eats only that. Occasionally he gets a wee handful of GO! Sensitivity + Shine Limited Ingredient Diet Venison kibble, but nothing else. No wee pieces of cheese, no wee anything!!

I cannot believe the difference in him - especially his morning enthusiasm. People are constantly paying us compliments as he is in tip-top condition. Such a lovely end to Ted's miserable start to this year.

I am also suggesting this diet to others. It has everything he needs to be healthy, and well - it is so much easier than needing to remember to thaw the now popular frozen meat products available!!


Ted's Testimonial
Ted's Testimonial

"Powered by GO! & NOW Fresh"


I first came across Healthy Pet Foods and their dog food products when my first Sheltie, Toonie, was middle aged and not really coping with his diet. When he was a pup, Toonie’s vet recommended Hills Science Diet, but Toonie exhibited little interest in food and had recurring episodes of vomiting and diarrhoea. Over the years I tried a number of different premium brands of kibble that were supposed to suit dogs with food sensitivity issues, to no avail. Although Toonie’s appetite improved on some of them, the food intolerance issue remained, and he was eventually diagnosed as suffering from colitis. One colitis episode was so bad that he require a visit to the after hours weekend vet to be rehydrated.

Then there was the brand that proclaimed itself to be “the best dog food on the planet”, but after some months on that one a routine blood test undertaken before a surgical procedure produced such a truly abnormal result that the vet initially thought Toonie must be experiencing kidney failure. However, after checking out the brand, the vet informed me there were numerous reports of the same thing happening to other dogs that were on that particular food. The best dog food on the planet? I don’t think so!

That was the point at which I discovered GO! Sensitivity and Shine at a flygility tournament, and from then on Toonie’s quality of life vastly improved. The bouts of colitis became a thing of the past, Toonie gained some much-needed weight, his energy levels improved, and there was a noticeable improvement in the condition of his coat. And, after several weeks on it, a repeat of the blood test showed that Toonie’s kidney function was back to well into the normal range.

Powered by GO!, Toonie qualified as a flygility grand champion at the ripe old age of 11, the first small dog to have ever done so in New Zealand. He continued to compete in flygility and agility until he was thirteen and a half, at which point he injured his back while playing with my latest Sheltie, then a pup, at home. In his retirement from dog sports Toonie continued to enjoy long walks and a good quality of life until the day before he died just short of what would have been his sixteenth birthday—and this despite the fact that by then he was on treatment for hypothyroidism and a heart murmur that had become progressively more pronounced.

After Toonie’s life was so dramatically transformed by GO!, it was only natural that I looked to the same company for a suitable food for my most recent Sheltie, Taku. He started out on NOW Fresh Grain Free as a pup, and has been on it continuously since then. Now aged just over four and a half years, Taku is a picture of good health, bursting with energy and sociability, seriously intelligent, and always up for a challenge—all in all, a simply delightful addition to the whanau. Like Toonie, he is actively involved in dog sports and has proven himself to be a natural at flygility. Taku too has recently qualified as a flygility grand champion, becoming just the second small dog to gain that sought-after title.



Toonie & Taku's testimonial
Toonie & Taku's testimonial

"Within a week his skin cleared up!"

We’ve had our Rottweiler "Turbo" from 8 weeks old and we have always had him on one particular brand of dog food. From the age of about 6 months he developed a rash on his stomach, we put this down to change of season, took him to the vet for some medication and it cleared up. One visit to the vet turned into multiple visits as the rash kept reappearing. It was only when we changed Turbo’s food from the junior biscuits to the adult biscuits that we figured it was the food that was giving him this awful reaction. Within 10 days of being on adult biscuits he developed sores on his stomach. As we got further into the bag of food the sores got worse. They spread from his stomach, up his ribs and onto his face. We realised that the only thing that had changed was his food.
This was when I called Vicki for advice. She was extremely helpful and recommended that we try Turbo on the GO! Sensitivity + Shine range. Within a week of being on these biscuits his skin began to clear up, We couldn’t believe it! The best part was he loved it!! Turbo has always been a grazer, but we put this food in front of him and he won’t leave his bowl until it’s all gone. Thanks to Vicki we now have a happy, healthy dog who is irritation free. I cannot recommend Healthy Pet Foods enough, the team are so full of knowledge and know exactly what pets need within their diet to stay healthy. We will be feeding Turbo GO! Sensitivity + Shine Salmon dog food for a very long time!
Thank you again for all your help!



Turbo's Testimonial
Turbo's Testimonial

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